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Peek at the Week — Aug 22

Peek at the Week — Aug 22

@Coldplay Rose Bowl concert live streamed by Globe via YT; ITCom, CCTV, Cyber Insurance Forum, Customer-Centricity Mini-Workshop; Dual Meet: MATC vs CSA ladies at CSA indoor tennis courts; HG16: Mixed Doubles QF: Rogbet vs Fredna: Fredna won; HG16: Ladies’ Doubles Finals: Franbet vs Nomy: Nomy won; Ogie’s Ayaw Kong Tumanda concert at Music Museum, August […]

El Nido, Summer, 2013

El Nido Morning

One of the gorgeously videogenic places on the planet is right here in our own backyard. El Nido. View it from youtube: Or view it from the blog:

Windsurfing at Dibuluan Island, El Ni...

Windsurfing by Abet

The novice windsurfer tries it at Dibuluan Island, El Nido, Palawan. Huge jellyfish swarm the area, so I was extra careful not to fall off. View it from youtube: View it from the blog:

Abet Adversalo

Abet Adversalo

An abscrostic on my name – Abet Adversalo.