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[J20G] Just 20 and Golden — The...

[J20G] Just 20 and Golden - Abet and Nona

Late talaga. Super-late! Kaya Ulti-late Blog. How do you write about something that happened almost 2 years ago? Hmmm… Uhmm… Well, let’s start with an old post —┬áJust 20 and Golden (posted June 20, 2015). Read up for a little background and watch the MTV, or skip it if you know all about it.   […]

Piano Cover — Kahit Maputi na a...

My Casio Keyboard

Late post. Kung tayo ay matanda na…

Throwback – “LagablabR...

Throwback – “Lagablab” Pisay Yearbook Entries

I was browsing through some old scans in my storage disk and came across my “Lagablab” scanned images. Pisay has influenced and molded me in so many ways, I always treasure those four years in that school. Most specially the friends I found, many of whom I’m still in touch with to this day.   […]

Piano Cover — Closer, You and I

My Casio Keyboard

Hey, there’s a look in your eyes…

Peek at the Week — March 7

Peek at the Week — March 7

Staff Meetings, V2, MT’s graduation rites, IT Council Planning; Nona’s birthday, Fairmont hotel treat; Visa appointment at Netherlands embassy; Watched the Manila leg of Les Miserables on opening night. Rachel Ann Go played Fantine; Feasted with crab at the Estrellas’ home on Sunday, as a belated celebration of Amy’s birthday. Cholesterol feast talaga, complete with […]