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[J20G] Just 20 and Golden — The...

[J20G] Just 20 and Golden — The “Ultilate” Blog (Part 3 of 3)

This is the last and well, the “optionally-read-and/or-view” part of J20G — The “Ultilate” Blog. It’s all up to you. The Ulti-late Slide Show There were hundreds of pictures from J20G, either from the event photographers or from guests. Here’s a compilation of a bunch of picks woven together with music from 3 Theory (Just Getting […]

Peek at the Week — Dec 12

Peek at the Week — Dec 12

SteerCom, PIRA Christmas Luncheon, Support Group Planning, ePolicy, SAS; BITD Christmas Party, 16-Dec-2016, 7F office; Hungerians Awarding, Team Repeat Tournament, Wimbledon won over Roland Garros (again), Amy’s Place, 18-Dec-2016;

Knock, Knocking with Hungerians

Para may archive ang ka-cornihan ng mga Hungerians… Follow the screenshots. Ignore nyo na lang yung walang kinalaman sa jokes.

Peek at the Week — Oct 31

Army Navy 7th Anniversary Treat

Return flight from Singapore; Budget review; MSC Hunger Games 2016 Team Tournament Awarding and Dinner at the Estrellas.

Peek at the Week — Oct 17

Octoberfest 2016 at Makati Sports Club

  Steercom, Salesforce, WIGO, SAS, IQA, Budget Meeting; Surprise for Birthday Boy PYA; Makati Sports Club Octoberfest Party.