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The Cabbage Chronicles Part 6 —...

The Cabbage Chronicles Part 6 — Cleared! (The Last Installment)

Hi guys! This is the last one — the 6th and final (and possibly the longest) installment blog of my “Cabbage Chronicles” (“kwentong repolyo” sa Tagalog, c/o JM De Leon). I think I mentioned in one of the previous installments that the last one will be when I get clearance to go back to work. […]

The Cabbage Chronicles Part 5 —...

Anvaya Sunset

Hi again. And here’s the 5th installment. Thank you for still following this story (though the blogger is really so “kupad” in writing, sorry.) In this blog, I will share my understanding of my particular case, starting with a little review of my health background and history, the diagnosis of my heart condition, the CABG […]

The Cabbage Chronicles Part 4 —...

The Cabbage Chronicles Part 4 — Learnings from the SICU

Hi guys! Belated Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Year of the Earth Dog! Here’s the next “cabbage” installment. We started with disclaimers in the last blog. This time, I think I should start with a warning. Warning: This blog may contain pictures of a highly sensitive and graphic nature, i.e., I will be posting a […]

Oops, Pause! Patch needed!

Oops, Pause! Patch needed!

In my work in IT, every so often, my technical guys receive notices from software service providers along the lines of… “Dear customer, We have detected a software vulnerability on version “blah-blah” of *name of software* that could affect your data and system… This vulnerability can only be exploited from an IP address blah-blah… To […]

Peek at the Week — July 25

Peek at the Week — July 25

POBella blogs about being true and not aiming to please everyone (she gets bashed for it, but comes out victorious); ITCom, PIRA ITCom; MSC Hunger Games tuesday; Jason Bourne at BGC HS cinema with BFF, Naida and Gab;