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The Cabbage Chronicles Part 6 —...

The Cabbage Chronicles Part 6 — Cleared! (The Last Installment)

Hi guys! This is the last one — the 6th and final (and possibly the longest) installment blog of my “Cabbage Chronicles” (“kwentong repolyo” sa Tagalog, c/o JM De Leon). I think I mentioned in one of the previous installments that the last one will be when I get clearance to go back to work. […]

The Cabbage Chronicles Part 5 —...

Anvaya Sunset

Hi again. And here’s the 5th installment. Thank you for still following this story (though the blogger is really so “kupad” in writing, sorry.) In this blog, I will share my understanding of my particular case, starting with a little review of my health background and history, the diagnosis of my heart condition, the CABG […]

The Cabbage Chronicles Part 3 –...

Where do we start? Anyway, let’s just start. Maybe with disclaimers. You can skip this or any part of the blog that you find boring or insignificant. Ok, disclaimers… First, I’m no medical professional. The only knowledge I have about medicine and surgery are things that I read from Robin Cook and Michael Palmer novels […]

Z You Soon!

Z You Soon!

Tada! First of all, thank you guys for praying for me, and thank you for keeping me in your thoughts. I know, because you’ve been telling me, messaging me, asking me if I’ve had the operation or if I have the schedule already. I felt all the love and care. *gives out hugs* It’s been […]

Throwback – “LagablabR...

Throwback – “Lagablab” Pisay Yearbook Entries

I was browsing through some old scans in my storage disk and came across my “Lagablab” scanned images. Pisay has influenced and molded me in so many ways, I always treasure those four years in that school. Most specially the friends I found, many of whom I’m still in touch with to this day.   […]