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[J20G] Just 20 and Golden — The...

[J20G] Just 20 and Golden — The “Ultilate” Blog (Part 3 of 3)

This is the last and well, the “optionally-read-and/or-view” part of J20G — The “Ultilate” Blog. It’s all up to you. The Ulti-late Slide Show There were hundreds of pictures from J20G, either from the event photographers or from guests. Here’s a compilation of a bunch of picks woven together with music from 3 Theory (Just Getting […]

[J20G] Just 20 and Golden — The...

[J20G] Just 20 and Golden — The “Ultilate” Blog (Part 2 of 3)

Part 2 here, now, of the J20G “Ulti-late” Blog. Hip Hop with A41FC A41FC – Annex 41 for Christ or Annex 41 Friendship Circle. They are our tennis friends, prayer support and Bible Study Group, here doing a hiphop/ zumba number to the recent popular tunes of Megan Trainor’s Your Lips are Movin’ and Pitbull’s […]

[J20G] Just 20 and Golden — The...

[J20G] Just 20 and Golden - Abet and Nona

Late talaga. Super-late! Kaya Ulti-late Blog. How do you write about something that happened almost 2 years ago? Hmmm… Uhmm… Well, let’s start with an old post — Just 20 and Golden (posted June 20, 2015). Read up for a little background and watch the MTV, or skip it if you know all about it.   […]

[J20G] The MTV (Just 20 and Golden)

[J20G] The MTV (Just 20 and Golden)

I never had a big birthday party in my entire life.  So when I was approaching my Golden year, I thought to myself, I gotta have one.  What better way than to celebrate it jointly with my friend of 20 years – Nona (We both turned 50 in 2015).  And so we did, on April […]

Moments Before [J20G] (Just 20 and Go...

Moments Before [J20G] (Just 20 and Golden)

Just 20 and Golden [J20G].  April 8, 2015.  Before the party starts. Watch… (click for the video).