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The Cabbage Chronicles Part 5 —...

Anvaya Sunset

Hi again. And here’s the 5th installment. Thank you for still following this story (though the blogger is really so “kupad” in writing, sorry.) In this blog, I will share my understanding of my particular case, starting with a little review of my health background and history, the diagnosis of my heart condition, the CABG […]

Peek at the Week — Dec 19

Peek at the Week — Dec 19

eSCRA, Red Button, Mancom; Officers’ Christmas Luncheon; MICO Christmas Party 2016, 19-Dec-2016, One Canvas, Makati City, formal; Anvaya Cove with Kicks and daughters, 23-Dec-2016; Christmas Eve in Dagupan City; Baguio trip on Christmas Day with Kicks, Sofia, Cassandra and Marie; Back to Manila on 26-Dec-2016, with side trips to Pisay Campus and UP Campus in […]

The MSC Hungerians at Anvaya Cove

Hungerians at the Sports Center

The Hungerians have completed a year of tournaments for the hungry (more for food rather than for trophies and medals, hahaha). Yep, no tournament day passes without anyone ordering something from the club restaurant or bringing in something from Chinatown, McDo, Starbucks, or some other calorie vendor. On the weekend of Oct 1 and 2, […]

Anvaya Cove

Anvaya Cove

An abscrostic on a favorite place.