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What We Are in this Life For (I Think)

A Happy Life

A Happy Life

This is a moving page, as life is. ‘Moving’ not in the ’emotionally-gripping’ sense, but that it will be ever changing, work in progress, as I go through life itself… and find time to write things down…so much to experience…a constant quest…for purpose…for meaning…

So, in no particular order…we live…


To be kind, because it’s in our nature,

To keep hoping … for one’s bright future,

To ask, and find the answers,

To inspire certain people, and be a model to others,

To touch many people’s lives, and make a difference to some,

To work — it’s hard to live without decent income,

To read, because someone took time to write,

To make mistakes, and find the courage to make things right,

To share — there’s too much in this world to be greedy,

To accomplish things, and be the best that we can be,

To play, and nurture the child in us,

To take a journey, and follow Jesus,

To get hurt, so we know what it does to people,

To declutter our lives, keep things simple,

To grow, then grow old with grace,

To seek God, and discover His ways,

To learn, and apply the lessons,

To reminisce, and smile for secret reasons,

To teach, and learn in the process,

To laugh, it always energizes,

To admire nature, hear the singing of the birds,

To keep quiet, rather than say hurtful words,

To listen to music, it nourishes the soul,

To create something, and find it useful,

To encourage someone, when he gets tired,

To look up to someone, and be inspired,

To adjust our ways, when we seek acceptance,

To hustle, shuffle, bustle and prance, enjoy a new dance,

To coach people at times, be a mentor,

To fear, and then remember we have a Mighty Protector,

To grieve, when we experience loss,

To stand up for something, fight for a cause,

To enjoy company, be it family or friends,

To thank God for His blessings before the day ends,

To express ourselves, always in a positive way,

To rest, after a busy day,

To eat — the food we love, and those we haven’t tried,

To humble ourselves, sometimes swallow our pride,

To see the world, for there’s so much to discover,

To smell the flowers, when we remember,

To breathe in beautiful sights, all created by God Almighty,

To dream, and see dreams come to reality,

To sing, even angels do it,

To do good, even when we don’t feel like it,

To love, and be loved.


…Abet. In this lifetime, …till…


  1. Julie Celestino Julie Celestino
    December 4, 2017    

    I will be waiting on your next blog! I loved it! Life is a challenge in some ways but we can challenge life.😊

  2. Miles Dedace Miles Dedace
    December 1, 2017    

    What a besutiful piece, Abs! So inspiring! Keep on writing! So i can keep on reading haha!

    December 1, 2017    

    Abet, you have done most of it (if not all). You have been a very good role model to me when I was under you. To this day, you are still the best manager I ever had.

  4. December 1, 2017    

    Lovey thoughts! ❤️ keep writing Abet!

  5. Chez Chez
    December 1, 2017    

    ! You’ve said it all! Feelling awesome! Thnx abet..

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