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Throwback – “Lagablab” Pisay Yearbook Entries

Abet Adversalo - Pisay 1982

“Pogi” daw noon, “pogi” pa rin ba ngayon?

I was browsing through some old scans in my storage disk and came across my “Lagablab” scanned images. Pisay has influenced and molded me in so many ways, I always treasure those four years in that school. Most specially the friends I found, many of whom I’m still in touch with to this day.

Abet's Pisay Yearbook Entry

Here’s what my Pisay batchmates said about me then. How much of these is still true now? Kayo sumagot.

Abet's Child Picture

My child picture. Mas mukhang mabait ata ako “nung ako’y bata pa…”



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