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[J20G] Just 20 and Golden — The “Ultilate” Blog (Part 3 of 3)

This is the last and well, the “optionally-read-and/or-view” part of J20G — The “Ultilate” Blog. It’s all up to you.

The Ulti-late Slide Show

There were hundreds of pictures from J20G, either from the event photographers or from guests. Here’s a compilation of a bunch of picks woven together with music from 3 Theory (Just Getting Started) and Alexis von Guggenberg (Boom Boom).

Thanks again to:

  • R & R Events for the pictures
  • Various Guests for their mobile pictures
  • Brown Inc Band for the live music at the party
  • The Peninsula Manila, for the venue, food, music quartet, lights and sounds
  • Many others for their help and support
  • All guests for their warm smiles (Can you count how many smiles?)

Welcome to J20G

A glimpse at the venue, set-up and preparations for the night, reception, the early birdies, and Nona and I welcoming our guests into the party. J20G begins.


We were serenaded by The String Minstrels over a sumptuous dinner. Manila Pen never goes wrong with their buffet. The quartet played soothing music including:

  • With or Without You (Bono/U2)
  • A Thousand Years (Christina Perri)
  • Points of View (Joey Albert and Pops Fernandez)
  • Say a Little Prayer (Aretha Franklin)
  • Just the Way You Are (Bruno Mars)
  • The Wave (Antonio Carlos Jobim)

On our buffet menu that night:

J20G Main Menu

The J20G Menu consists of food personally chosen by the celebrants. If they love it, surely their guests would too.

And of course, the sweetest part, dessert… Just reading the first choice can be mouth-watering.

J20G Menu Desserts

Sweet, sweet options to cap dinner. By the way, we kept the buffet open till the end. So anybody who gets tired from the dance floor can go back and re-energize from the carbs.

Birthday Greetings

Welcome messages from the now-golden girls and a few greetings and messages from family and friends.

Thank You

Guests sing the traditional Birthday Song, the BFF’s blow their cake and express their thanks to their loved ones and all who helped make the party fun.

Que Hiciste Dance Practice

If you watched the Salsa number we did with our tennis and dance friends, we had as much fun practicing it as we did performing it live. Here’s one of the practice sessions at the Estrellas’ place (Thanks ulit).


Watch the MTV here again.

Aw, my friend, if you got to this point of the blog, either you skipped lots of it, or you really read through it. If it was the latter, thanks, I love you for doing it. Takes a while to write these things up and put them together with all the photos, videos and files, especially for a blogger like me, who except for the usual peek-at-the-week entries, finds it a time-challenge to write longer entries, despite the keen want. If the former, thanks pa rin. Till next blog, probably another “Ulti-late” one. Cheers and good vibes!

— Abet

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