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Throwback 1985

Throwback 1985

A couple of cartoon drawings I did back in college.  Scanned from ‘The Book of Gobbledygook’.

The Book of Gobbledygook – Just...

The Book of Gobbledygook – Just Cool Stuff

Just some more stuff that I thought were “cool” at that time, which I preserved through “The Book of Gobbledygook”. I think I still find them cool at this time. Let’s see in future years. I’m one of the early Gen X’ers who grew up with and was trained by good-old “Sesame Street”.  I still don’t […]

The Book of Gobbledygook — Reca...

Master of the Game Review (Page 3)

Must have written these so as not to forget some likes. One for a favorite book and author. Another for a TV movie featuring one of my favorite 80’s actresses – Pam Dawber (of Mork and Mindy fame).  

The Book of Gobbledygook — Poet...

He and She (A Naughty Little Poem), by Anonymous

Some poems I copied from various sources in my college days. I just liked these enough to copy them, ok. Authors indicated and acknowledged. If not, credits to the unknown authors.

The Book of Gobbledygook – Penc...

Rustic Scene, 05 Sep 1984

These were some of my juvenile attempts at pencil sketching circa 80’s. Frustrated artist. I think I can still do this if I give it time, though.